State authorized violence is racial genocide.

State authorized violence is racial genocide.

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Reformism is an old story in Amerika.

On October 9, the apartheid state of Israel issued a complete siege on Gaza, and declared that it would cut off the people of Gaza's access to electricity, food, and water. Gaza is home to 2.4 million Palestinians 1.1 million of these people are children. On October 17, Israel bombed Al Ahli Arab Hospital, executing 500 people.

Western imperialist powers across the globe have shown their approval of Israel's extermination campaign against the Palestinians in multiple forms. 

The US has sent its warships and military aircrafts to Israel, and has expressed that it will provide Israel with the necessary support to succeed n its siege on Gaza. It has already provided $158 billion in aid to Israel since 1948. France and Germany banned all protests against the systematic mass murder of Palestinians.

On the day that this statement is issued, the total number of reported Palestinians murders due to the siege is 3,478, which includes over 1,000 children.

The Texas People's Tribunal firmly opposes the death penalty and all forms of state-sanctioned violence that cause the premature deaths of oppressed peoples- including genocide.

The Texas People's Tribunal is in solidarity with the people of Palestine. We unequivocally support their right to self-determination and to defend against state oppression.

We call on all death penalty abolitionist organizations to act on their principles and demand an end to the blockade of Gaza, and an end to the genocidal executions of the Palestinian people.

October 19, 2023

Our Statement on Palestine

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Texas is infamous for its taste for death.

Mumia Abu-Jamal

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